A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them! George is an FtM transgender man, Jess is his pansexual genderqueer wife; they talk parenting, work, and such.

While we were at Gallifrey One, we got the opportunity to sit down with one member of the amazing queer Doctor Who pocast, The Web Of Queer. Mikayla is a non-binary aromantic asexual from Ontario, Canada. They were introduced to Doctor Who in 2007, when they started watching it out of self defence in their first year of university. Much to their surprise, they discovered that they actually liked the show everyone was talking about. We got to talking about the infighting among the LGBTQIA+ family and the exclusionary tendencies some folks express toward the Ace and Aro members, as well as the process by which Mikayla came to identify as non-binary and the commonalities of Jess' pansexuality, Mikayla's asexuality, and both of their gender-nonconformity.

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