A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them! George is an FtM transgender man, Jess is his pansexual genderqueer wife; they talk parenting, work, and such.

George has mentioned before that he suffers from depression, which is slightly more common among members of the LGBTQIA+ community, although the degree of prevalence and correlation varies according to supportiveness of family and community. We discussed his experiences as both a patient and practicing clinician in the mental health industry, the strategies he employs to lessen symptoms when depression worsens, and as the overlap between his gender dysphoria and his depression.

Note that George often refers to his gender dysphoria by only the word "dysphoria", which does have other psychological meanings related to depression or mental illnesses. In this discussion, he is referring specifically to the discomfort and distress related to the incongruity between his gender identity and his sex assigned at birth.

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